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Vitality hebe mask set

$50.00 USD

Named for the Greek goddess of everlasting youth, the opulent Mask of Hebe is a professional quality product, but is now available to you. The precious Mask of Hebe is a state-of-the-art formula combining science and advanced technology to reactivate the natural functions of your skin.

The most intense mask in our skin line, the Mask of Hebe was previously only available in salons. The Mask of Hebe offers professional quality in a home skincare product, and a chance to truly rejuvenate your skin. Mix the 12 vials in the small bowl, included in the set, immediately before your facial to ensure ultimate freshness. When you apply this translucent formula to your face, you’ll begin to feel the years slip away. The Mask of Hebe removes free radicals that cause your skin to age. The Mask of Hebe uses the finest and most powerful ingredients to rejuvenate your skin on the spot, revealing beautiful, younger looking skin. Using an intense blend of peptides and collagen, the treatment penetrates deep dermal layers and signals the skin to rebuild lost collagen, the key to vibrant, supple skin. Harness the power of this mythical goddess today and look younger instantly. Directions: After cleansing face, empty the vials into the bowl provided. Add the Sea Pearl Essence and blend together until a smooth, moist solution is formed. With the brush provided, apply the solution to face using an upward stroke until the entire solution is used. Leave mask on face for 30-40 minutes and mask will tighten firmly to your face. Wash the mask off with warm water. Use DonnaBella 24K Moisturizing Cream after removing the mask.

Ingredients: South Sea Pearl Dust; Matrixyl, Hexopeptides, HA Collagen protein peptide, Amino Acid, Caremide, Essences, DI Water, Cactus Extract, HA Qats peptide, Vitamin E, Aloe Plant Enzyme.


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